Design Skill Awards​ 2023​

Introducing a global platform where designers can showcase their talents, thereby achieving international recognition and honor.


We honor and elevate a diverse array of exceptional designs that originate from various corners of the world.


Open to everyone from well-respected design firms to emerging solo innovators, the Design Skill Awards acknowledge the full spectrum of creative excellence.


Our state-of-the-art digital platform is carefully crafted to provide an inclusive, groundbreaking, and user-friendly experience, maintaining the highest standards of transparency throughout the awarding process.


Committed to setting the gold standard in various creative fields, including Digital Design, Graphic Artistry, Animation, User Experience, and Multimedia Creation, the Design Skill Awards aim to be an unparalleled benchmark of excellence.

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What do you get?

Certificate of Achievement

Each award winner and runner-up receives an electronic certificate of achievement.

Personalized Award Logo

A set of award logos that you can publish on your website and social media.

Award Trophy

You can order a special trophy, on which we will engrave the title of your project, your name and studio.

Landing Page

Each winner and runner-up will receive their own landing page on our website with full information about the project.

Graphic Banners

A set of promotional banners for website or social media featuring your project.

Social media

Publicizing the winning projects on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Partner Publication

Our media partners are happy to publish selected award winners on their websites.

Media Coverage

The award has a media coverage of more than 3 million users.

Registration fees

Early Bird Registration

till 4th October 2023
$ 90
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $50
  • Second project: $90
  • 50% Student Discount

Standard Registration

till 14th November 2023
$ 110
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $60
  • Second project: $110
  • 50% Student Discount
Right now!

Late Registration

till 29th December 2023
$ 130
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $70
  • Second project: $130
  • 50% Student Discount

Award Categories

Best Residential Architecture
Best Commercial Architecture
Best Cultural & Public Architecture
Best Educational & Institutional Architecture
Best Hospitality & Hotel Architecture
Best Sports & Recreation Architecture
Best Healthcare & Wellness Architecture
Best Adaptive Reuse & Restoration
Sustainable & Eco-friendly Architecture
Best Urban Design & Master Planning
Best Small Scale Architecture
Innovative Building Materials & Techniques
Custom & Unique Architecture Design

Best Residential Interior Design
Best Commercial Interior Design
Best Hospitality & Hotel Interior Design
Best Restaurant & Bar Interior Design
Best Retail & Store Interior Design
Best Workplace & Office Interior Design
Best Educational & Institutional Interior Design
Best Healthcare & Wellness Interior Design
Sustainable & Eco-friendly Interior Design
Best Small Space Interior Design
Best Adaptive Reuse & Restoration (Interiors)
Best Interior Lighting Design
Best Color & Material Application in Interiors
Custom & Unique Interior Design

Best Residential Landscape Design
Best Commercial Landscape Design
Best Public Space & Park Design
Best Institutional Landscape Design
Best Waterfront & Coastal Landscape Design
Best Urban Greenery & Streetscape Design
Sustainable & Eco-friendly Landscape Design
Best Hardscape & Paving Design
Best Garden & Planting Design
Best Outdoor Furniture & Amenities Design
Innovative Landscape Technologies & Practices
Best Landscape Master Planning
Best Landscape Restoration & Conservation
Best Green Roof & Vertical Garden Design
Best Landscape Design for Climate Adaptation
Custom & Unique Landscape Design


Best Women's Fashion Design
Best Men's Fashion Design
Best Children's Fashion Design
Best Accessories Design
Best Footwear Design
Best Sustainable Fashion Design
Best Sportswear & Athletic Apparel
Best Swimwear & Beachwear Design
Best Haute Couture & Designer Fashion
Best Jewelry Design
Best Wedding & Bridal Fashion
Custom & Unique Fashion Design

Best Seating Design
Best Table & Desk Design
Best Storage & Shelving Design
Best Bed & Bedroom Furniture Design
Best Outdoor & Patio Furniture Design
Best Children's & Nursery Furniture Design
Best Office & Workspace Furniture Design
Best Custom & Bespoke Furniture Design
Best Sustainable Furniture Design
Best Furniture Collection Design
Best Furniture Design for Small Spaces
Best Furniture Lighting Integration
Best Furniture Material Innovation
Best Multi-functional Furniture Design
Best Furniture Design for Comfort & Ergonomics
Best Furniture Design for Aging & Accessibility
Best Furniture Design for Adaptability & Modularity
Custom & Unique Furniture Design


Best Residential Lighting Design
Best Commercial Lighting Design
Best Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Design
Best Architectural & Facade Lighting Design
Best Hospitality & Hotel Lighting Design
Best Office & Workspace Lighting Design
Best Retail & Store Lighting Design
Best Public & Urban Lighting Design
Best Sustainable & Energy-saving Lighting Design
Best Lighting Product Design
Best Lighting Collection Design
Best Lighting Control & Automation Systems
Custom & Unique Lighting Design


Best Food & Beverage Packaging
Best Health & Wellness Packaging
Best Beauty & Personal Care Packaging
Best Luxury Packaging Design
Best Sustainable & Eco-friendly Packaging
Best Packaging Design for Children's Products
Best Packaging Design for Electronics
Best Packaging Design for Apparel & Accessories
Best Promotional & Marketing Packaging
Best Packaging Design for Special Occasions
Best Innovative Packaging Design
Custom & Unique Packaging Design

Best Kitchen & Cookware Design
Best Home Appliances & Electronics
Best Health & Wellness Product Design
Best Personal Care & Beauty Product Design
Best Office Equipment & Supplies Design
Best Outdoor & Sports Equipment Design
Best Children's Product Design
Best Sustainable & Eco-friendly Product Design
Best Wearable Technology & Smart Clothing
Best Robotics & Automation Design
Best Artistic Design Objects
Best Educational & Learning Tools Design
Best Textiles, Fabrics & Material Design
Best DIY & Craft Supplies Design
Custom & Unique Product Design

Best Automotive Design
Best Motorcycle & Bicycle Design
Best Public & Mass Transit Design
Best Marine & Watercraft Design
Best Aircraft & Aerospace Design
Best Electric & Sustainable Transportation Design
Best Personal Mobility Device Design
Best Off-road & Adventure Vehicle Design
Best Concept Vehicle & Futuristic Design
Custom & Unique Transportation Design

Best Mobile App Design
Best Web App Design
Best Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality App Design
Best Gaming App Design
Best Health & Wellness App Design
Best Education & Learning App Design
Best Lifestyle App Design
Best Travel & Local App Design
Best Entertainment App Design
Best Social Media App Design
Best Finance & Business App Design
Custom & Unique App Design


Best Video Content Design
Best Animation & Motion Graphics
Best Documentary & Educational Video Design
Best Music Video Design
Best Podcast & Audio Content Design
Best Sound Design & Audio Production
Best Live Streaming & Webinar Design
Custom & Unique Audio & Video Design


Best Branded Video Content Design
Best Branded Social Media Content Design
Best Branded Event Design
Best Branded Print & Publication Design
Best Branded Packaging Design
Best Branded Merchandise & Promotional Design
Custom & Unique Branded Content Design


Best Corporate Event Design
Best Conference & Trade Show Design
Best Exhibition & Museum Design
Best Festival & Public Event Design
Best Wedding & Social Event Design
Best Pop-up & Temporary Event Design
Custom & Unique Event Design

Best Marketing Campaign Design
Best Public Relations Campaign Design
Best Advertising Campaign Design
Best Social Media Campaign Design
Best Email Marketing Design
Best Guerrilla Marketing & Ambient Advertising Design
Custom & Unique Marketing & PR Design

Best Social Media Content Design
Best Social Media Account Design
Best Social Media Campaign Design
Best Influencer & Brand Collaboration Design
Best Social Media Platform Design
Custom & Unique Social Media Design

Best Typeface Design
Best Typography in Print Design
Best Typography in Digital Design
Best Hand-lettering Design
Best Experimental Typography Design
Custom & Unique Typography Design

Best Responsive Website Design
Best E-commerce Website Design
Best Portfolio & Personal Website Design
Best Corporate & Business Website Design
Best Non-profit & NGO Website Design
Best Educational & Learning Website Design
Best Blog & Magazine Website Design
Best Microsite & Landing Page Design
Best UX/UI Design
Custom & Unique Website Design


Award Schedule


Early Bird Registration

Registration Fee: 90 USD
Additional category: 50 USD

04 October 2023


Standard Registration

Registration Fee: 110 USD
Additional category: 60 USD

14 November 2023


Late Registration

Registration Fee: 130 USD
Additional category: 70 USD

29 December 2023


Project Submissions

Submit your project materials by this date.
It is no longer possible to register a new project.

31 December 2023

Winners Announcement

The publication of the winners on our website will take place on that day.

31 January 2024

How do you become a Winner ?

1. Registration

Register your project and pay the registration fee. You can register multiple projects that have not won Design Skill Awards before. Each project can be registered in several categories. Registration is open until the 29th of December 2023.

2. Submit Your Project

After registration you will receive a personal registration key. Submit your project materials through a special form on the website. Be careful, each project can be submitted only once. The project must be submitted until the 31st of December 2023.

3. Voting Period

The honorable members of the Grand Jury proceed to the online voting. Each project is evaluated according to 3 main criteria: Innovation & Originality, Design & Esthetic look, Functionality & Spatial integration.

4. Congratulations to Winners

The winners and runners-up will be published on our website and social media. The winners will also be published on the websites of our media partners. Each winner and runner-up will receive a set of awards, as well as the opportunity to order a special statuette.

Grand Jury Members

Niko Kapa

Design Director / Studio Niko Kapa / United Arab Emirates

Niko Kapa, an accomplished Architect, Industrial Designer, and Artist, has garnered an impressive array of awards, including the AlUla Design Award, recognition by A+D as one of the most influential architects in the Middle East, and the title of Innovative Architect of the Year in the UAE. He is a winner of the AIA Middle East Award, Asia Design Prize, and Artzept Design Award, as well as the Signature Art Prize for Sculpture and the COW Design Biennale. Niko has been a finalist for the Premio Arte Contemporanea and Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize. His work has earned him the Platinum Award for sustainable design and recognition with the Audi Innovation Award, iF Design Award, and German Design Award. He has received the Design Excellence Award, European Product Design Award, and Iconic Award, with a nomination for Designer of the Year. Niko Kapa’s achievements also include three MEA Business Awards. Beyond awards, he contributes to the field as a jury member in architectural and design competitions and has been internationally exhibited in Biennials and prominent institutions.

Chloe Fan

CEO / Design with FRANK / USA

Chloe Fan is the Co-founder and CEO of Design with FRANK, a forward-thinking platform powered by AI. This innovative software simplifies the architectural design process, allowing users to bring their home visions to life in just a few clicks. Completing her studies at the Cooper Union School of Architecture in 2018 with a full scholarship, Chloe’s dedication to her craft was evident early on. Her academic achievements earned her the Toni & David Yarnell Award. Additionally, Wallpaper Magazine acknowledged her efforts, listing her as an Architecture Graduate of note in 2018. Various exhibitions have displayed her graduate projects, from New York galleries to the University of Santiago de Chile. Professionally, Chloe has contributed to significant museum projects, notably the Grand Canal Museum and the Tesoro di Dan Gennaro Museum. 2018 saw her work being part of an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In the realm of innovation, she both invented and designed a large-scale 3D printer that was showcased at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Furthermore, her “Instant Lounge” concept – a 3D printer designed to craft furniture in real-time – was a key feature at the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in 2019-2020.

Paolo Cappello

CEO / Paolo Cappello Design Studio / Italy

Born in 1980 in Verona, Paolo Cappello is a talented industrial designer who graduated from Politecnico di Milano. Following a fruitful three-year collaboration with Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in Milan, he established his own studio in Verona in 2007. Within his studio, Paolo collaborates with other skilled professionals in the fields of architecture, communication, and graphics, enriching his creative process. Over the years, Paolo’s exceptional work has garnered numerous international accolades. Notable among these are the prizes received in prestigious design competitions such as the 2008 Promosedia International Design Competition, 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition, 2008 Swarovski Crystal Visions, 2009 Antoniolupi Design Competition, 2009 Progetto Deco Design Competition, and the 2009 Ossigeno Italiano Prize by Abitare Magazine. Beyond his design endeavors, Paolo also contributes to Rolling Stone magazine by writing the design column for its online edition. His artistic vision and innovative creations have caught the attention of leading international magazines and newspapers, including the NY Times, Herald Tribune, Abitare, Interni, Ottagono, Residence, Icon, Elle Decor, and Rolling Stone. Paolo Cappello’s remarkable journey in the realm of industrial design continues to captivate audiences worldwide, as he effortlessly combines creativity, functionality, and artistic expression in his award-winning works.

Ronn Lee

Creative Director / BEAMY / China

Ronn Lee is a seasoned and accomplished multidisciplinary brand and design creative, boasting an impressive track record of over 20 years in the industry. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded transformative projects in concept development, branding, graphic design, interactive experiences, and product ideation across diverse industry sectors. As the Founding Partner and Creative Director of BEAMY, a dynamic branding and multi-disciplinary creative firm headquartered in Shanghai, with additional offices in Singapore and New York, Ronn has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Her fearless spirit led her from Singapore to Shanghai, where she recognized the immense potential of China’s burgeoning market for branding and creative services. Prior to her venture in Shanghai, Ronn honed her skills as an Art Director in Tokyo, gaining invaluable exposure to different working cultures and design sensibilities in Singapore, Japan, and China. Over the years, Ronn’s outstanding works have been honored with more than 100 international design and creative awards, a true testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Additionally, she has been invited to serve on the jury panels of numerous prestigious international award shows, where she collaborates alongside industry luminaries.

Roberta Rampazzo

Designer, Founder / Roberta Rampazzo Design / United Kingdom

Roberta Rampazzo Design stands out for its strikingly sleek, yet bold aesthetics. The designs are not only timeless but are also crafted to resonate emotionally, offering an enduring blend of excitement and ardor. Every piece ensures the finest quality with a strong emphasis on sustainable material procurement. With over two decades in the industry, the brand’s signature work has graced top design exhibitions, fairs, and publications across over 25 nations, including places like Denmark, the USA, Italy, and Japan. This recognition extends to significant design accolades like the A Design Award and a nomination for the German Design Award. Roberta has curated exclusive collections for premier brands such as Decameron, Mosarte, Objekto, Vermeil, Firma Casa and Solancis among others. Her designs have found their way to upscale retail outlets worldwide. Now based in London, Roberta continues her innovative design journey.

Alberto Ribeiro

Architect, Founder/ A2OFFICE / Portugal

Alberto Ribeiro has been a dedicated architect since 2006. In 2011, he established A2OFFICE, a studio dedicated to producing top-tier projects for individual clients, businesses, and investors. Among the notable accolades he’s received, in 2022, he earned a Gold accolade at the Architecture & Design Collection Awards for the “Casa da Vilarinha” project in the “Private Residence Medium Architecture Built” category by the ADC – Architecture & Design Community. That same year, he was awarded a Silver accolade for the “CR.IS Apartment” project in the “Residential Interior Design Built” category by ADC. Furthermore, his “CR.IS Apartment” project was also recognized with a Gold accolade in the “Residential Apartment Interior” category at the International Interior Design Awards, organized by APR – Architecture Press Release. Another feather in his cap that year was the Silver accolade for the “JoLa House” project in the “Private Residential Interior Built” category by APR.

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