Port, Blu Dot’s Sleek And Sculptural Dining Chair Is Inspired By Elements Of Sailing

Sharp and curving forms intersect in this immaculately designed dining chair, titled ‘Port’, conceived of by American furniture brand Blu Dot.

The chair is intended to celebrate the natural beauty of wood, and its form is inspired by elements of ships and sailing. When viewed from the side, Port’s shape is reminiscent of two sails: the bentwood seat and back, attached to a single mast, and the rear leg. “In looking at early sketches and ideas, we zeroed in on this shape for its clarity of form,” explain the designers. The beautiful piece of furniture pairs a sculpted wood seat with wood joinery, to “provide safe harbor and an elegant seating encounter for guests.” The chair comes in three colorways: black ash veneer, solid walnut, and solid white. “We refined proportions, angles, and curvatures through a series of full-sized prototypes and 3D-printed scale models,” they continue. “This is what design is all about to us: the beauty of form that is the residue of solving practical problems.”






Source: Ignant