Furniture And Decor Ideas For A Japandi Interior

Japandi ideas that include furniture, art, storage, and decor.

Japandi is a term that’s being used to describe the blending of two design styles, Japanese and Scandinavian interior design.

Japanese style, often referred to as wabi-sabi, is the acceptance of imperfections. Think a wood bowl with a crack in it, or a ceramic vase with an uneven glaze. Scandinavian style focuses on clean lines, neutral tones, simplicity, and natural materials.

Japandi combines both styles to create interiors are neutral, warm, welcoming, and relaxing, with no bold colors, and plenty of natural elements, like wood, fibres, and ceramics.

Let’s take a look at some ideas to help you create your Japandi-inspired interior…


Japandi Decor Ideas - woven wall art.
Woven Wall Art by VUZELART
Japandi Decor Ideas - Woven textile wall art.
Woven Textile Wall Art by Lale Shop
Japandi Decor Ideas - minimalist geometric wall art.
Minimalist Geometric Wall Art (set of two prints) by IuliiaVolosevych
Japandi Decor Ideas - A collection of three art pieces with designs inspired by nature.
Sun Silhouette Wall Art (set of three prints) by Saffa Designs


Japandi Decor Ideas - Simple wood furniture with storage and decorative panel accents.
Wood Record Cabinet and Stand by FuruFurniture
Japandi Decor Ideas - round minimalist light wood coffee table.
Turqueta Coffee Table by NaanFurniture
Japandi Decor Ideas - minimalist wood furniture.
LOW Floor cushions and stool by Reforest Design
Japandi Decor Ideas - a wood TV console with a patterned front.
Menorca TV Console by NaanFurniture


Japandi Decor Ideas - simple pillows with a minimalist pattern.
Minimalist Pillows by BelleReve
Japandi Decor Ideas - a sage green throw pillow.
The Eden Sage Throw Pillow by Anna & Rose Co.
Japandi Decor Ideas - pillows in neutral colors with a fringed edge.
Fringe Pillow Cover by PorterLaneHome
Japandi Decor Ideas - Linen pillows in neutral colours.
Linen Pillowcase by Linen Home Decor


Japandi Decor Ideas - woven egg basket with lid.
Woven Egg Basket by KAWO BAZAAR
Japandi Decor Ideas - woven baskets.
Woven Baskets by The Basket Room
Japandi Decor Ideas - natural rope basket
Natural Rope Basket by CarlaSimpleLiving
Japandi Decor Ideas - square woven baskets.
Square Woven Baskets With Lids by GrandmaWeaving


Japandi Decor Ideas - vases with natural colors.
Black Vase from The Salvaged
Japandi Decor Ideas - ceramic vases.
Ceramic Vases by Kitchen Decor Store
Japandi Decor Ideas - wood vases.
Wooden Flower Vase by SoSo
Japandi Decor Ideas - vases in natural tones.
Vase by Planet Y Home Decor

Other Decor Elements

Japandi Decor Ideas - wood serving trays.
Wood Serving Trays by NeuDecor
Japandi Decor Ideas - round wood coasters.
Round Wooden Coasters by AtelierDmontreal
Modern incense burner.
Raucherberg Incense Burner by erzandmountain
Japandi inspired wood wall vases.
Wooden Wall Vase by MMEPSTUDIO

Source: Contemporist