Pera Perou Luxury Villas, Kefalonia, Greece

The brand-new Pera Perou villas are located on the mountainous, sun-baked Kefalonia, an island in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece. With its colourful history stretching all the way back to antiquity and beyond, Kefalonia offers a dreamy and magical backdrop for this small, secluded resort.

Athens-born owner and designer Kleoniki Androni has always been in love with Kefalonia and now that she also lives there herself, she knew the main attraction at Pera Perou must be the view.

There was no need to compete with the panorama of the sapphire-hued sea unfolding from the villas’ enormous windows and sliding doorways. This is enough.

Consequently, her three remote and secluded stone villas were created from the rock on which they stand. Both literally and esthetically they are of the island. They look as if they had been here for a long time.

She has extended the minimalist, earth-toned sensibility to every detail in the well-equipped villas. Everything speaks the language of balance and harmony with materials that belong – rough wood, stone, baskets, tactile textiles.

We of course love this kind of simplicity and balance. It takes talent to be able to select each brand-new item and still produce an atmosphere of peaceful, timeless, sun-baked permanence.

Some of Androni’s most inspired solutions include the use of understated built-in features. Most of the beds are simple platforms; the bars and counters are built-in as a many of the shelves and storage features. Various white-washed stone planes function as seating, side tables or steps. A gorgeous monolithic white slab backs the outdoor shower. These features create a sense of age and permanence yet they also seem completely modern.

We also love the cool firepit by Dutch Happy Cocooning, the tactile textiles by the Greek Vagenas and the absolutely beautiful free-form dishes and ceramic art by Athens-based Chrisa L’iarmacopoulou.

Pera Perou consist of three villas: two two-bedroom, 120-square-metre (1,291 sq.ft) villas directly connected to the pool, and one smaller (60 sq.m, 645 sq.ft)) open-plan villa with a private infinity pool and private jacuzzi. All are equipped with the latest technology and fully equipped kitchens. Tuija Seipell

Photography: Ioanna Roufopoulou

Source: The Cool Hunter