Marc Thorpe Design Envisions Ethereal And Floating Crystal Lake Pavilion

In a 497-acre wild forest, among rolling hills, creeks, streams, and wetlands, New York-based architecture studio Marc Thorpe Design has created ‘Crystal Lake Pavilion’: a stunning concept for a meditation sanctuary in the middle of a sublime, motionless lake.

Proposed for the Catskill Mountains region in southeastern New York State, the future project is intended to offer a place of calm and serenity to the inhabitants of the remote area and nature-lover visitors alike. Designed for meditation and yoga classes as well as group therapy, it celebrates the beauty of the surrounding natural habitat, inviting guests to connect with its astounding native fauna and flora. Accessible strictly by boat, the pavilion is defined by a central post frame, suspended from a single concrete pier in the lake bed. Encased in a glass canopy that showcases nature on all sides, it gives the illusion of weightlessness, appearing as if gently hovering above the still waters. Heavy timber structural elements contrast its transparent glass skin, while an imposing, triangular roof beautifully mirrors the lake’s surface, creating a unique visual spectacle—magical from afar, yet stunning up close.







Source: Ignant